Most other professional coach networks restrict membership exclusively to imply credibility and professional standards among their members. We recognize, respect and acknowledge this tradition and we work with a different intention in mind.

ICAN Training, Study and Experience

Certified ICAN Coaches continue their professional development through active participation in Regional Practice Communities. Their training does not end with their certificate, it starts with it!

Community Members

Open to you if you are interested in knowing about coaching, even if you are not trained or certified yet. You can also take Community Membership if you are already a practicing Coach, even a member of other coaching bodies and you are curious about ICAN Alliance activities and not ready to commit yet to full membership.

Our intention is to stimulate your interest and encourage a desire to learn through access to on-line educational and information materials, both complimentary and priced in all the formats carried on this platform.

It is also to lower the barriers to joining rather than barring access to all but qualified persons. This differentiates us from most other professional bodies and member organisations. We create a genuine spirit of community learning and inclusion.

Certified Membership

Certified Membership is for individuals holding a certificate issued by the ICAN Alliance.  Certified members have privileged access to member services and information unavailable to Community members and casual visitors.

The central focus of the Alliance is the training and preparation of professional Coaches with Advanced NLP.  Members certified as ICAN Professional Coaches or higher have full access to all benefits of membership, including all learning, informational and research materials on the ICAN Learning Platform as the platform library continues to grow.  They also appear on the publicly-available listing of ICAN Certified Professional Coaches with their contacts and links to their own web pages.

Cost: USD 25 (6 month subscription)

Allied Membership

Direct Alliance Membership is the privilege of those who studied in the same rigorous demanding and high quality program as Trainers of NLP and its most advanced methods.  It is also open by personal invitation to others qualified to an equivalent level, and who are competent to train Coaches with Advanced NLP.

Alliance members are the heart and soul of the ICAN Alliance, being those who, through their trainings, attract all other members.  They are the members to whom ICAN offers its services as a membership organization, with the intention to support them in building, growing and enhancing their businesses in many and various ways. 

The ICAN website and learning platform are the expression and presentation to the world of these allies, joined together to build and develop this world-wide gathering of experts in the field of Coaching with Advanced NLP.

Cost: USD 65 (6 month subscription)


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